Seth Gruber is a professional public speaker focused on equipping Christians and pro-life advocates to make a gracious, winsome, and persuasive case of their pro-life beliefs in the public square. His approach, while not shying away from the moral question of abortion, focuses on giving you the tools you need to effectively and lovingly engage your co-workers, friends, and family members on the issue of abortion. 


 Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of the abortion issue? Start your journey here towards becoming a voice for the unborn children in your midst.



Seth travels across the country equipping pro-life advocates to be a gracious and persuasive voice for unborn children. Seth speaks in Protestant and Catholic high schools, universities, churches, pro-life training seminars, and for pregnancy resource center banquets.



Seth engages in academic debate on university campuses with pro-choice advocates addressing the question whether abortion is a moral right or moral wrong. For pro-life clubs on college campuses, hosting a debate is often the best way to draw a large crowd…


Seth will help train and equip your pro-life organization! Seth will take your team from amateur activists to professional apologists! Seth is available on a contractual basis for ongoing training. Take the weight of training off your shoulders so you can stay focused on your main goal!


Podcast - UnAborted with Seth Gruber

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About Seth…

I was 18 years old when I first saw what abortion does to an unborn human being. Though raised in a pro-life family, and the son of a former pregnancy care clinic director, I had never seen the horror that abortion represents.

A historic truth, known to all social reformers and abolitionists soon became clear to me: When injustice is hidden, it is tolerated.

Once the darkness of abortion was brought into the light, the course of my life began to become clear...