Are Racist Costumes Worse Than Infanticide?

Over the weekend, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was thrown back into the limelight over a photo that surfaced from a page dedicated to him in his medical school yearbook. The photo shows two men standing side-by-side; one dressed in blackface and the other dressed in a KKK outfit. On Friday, February 1st, Northam confessed he was one of the men in the photo and issued a public apology. However, less than 24 hours later, Northam rescinded his apology by stating that he was not either of the men in the photo and that he has no idea how that photo ended up on his yearbook page.

Naturally, countless Democrats are calling for Northam's resignation as Governor of Virginia. So the party that used to support slavery and racism is calling for the resignation of Northam over a school yearbook photo of him dressed in blackface. 

However, not a single member of the Democrat National Committee condemned or called for the resignation of Ralph Northam last week, after his public statements defending Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran's bill that would legalize abortion to point of birth. Northam, likely realizing that there is no meaningful difference between a full-term baby about to be born and that same baby just after birth, continued by saying that mothers and physicians should be able to have conversations about whether born babies should be left to die or not. The silence from the DNC in response to these comments was deafening. 

Obviously, dressing up in blackface or a KKK costume is unacceptable and highly offensive. We all agree on that. But why do we all agree on that? Because we recognize that people have value in nature of the kind of beings they are: Human beings. This value is intrinsic to our nature. It is not based on skin color, age, gender, size, health, or any other arbitrarily selected characteristic. As such, any behavior that mocks, ridicules, injures, harms, or kills an innocent human being is morally wrong. 

So the irony here is that the Democratic party, who claims to have abandoned their racist history are applying the same worldview to abortion that they did to slavery: Functionalism. Functionalism essentially says that human beings don't have intrinsic value, but instead have value based on those arbitrarily selected characteristics. This belief system, that drove the Democratic party to support slavery and racist legislation, still drives them today in their support of abortion. Racism has been replaced by ageism. The KKK have been replaced by abortion clinics. Slavery has been replaced by feticide, which naturally progresses towards infanticide. 

So while the Democratic party is right to condemn a governor who once donned a racist costume, they cannot explain why such an action is wrong in the first place. Is it because African-Americans, like all other human beings, have intrinsic value? Is it because they are firm defenders of human equality? No and no. Their outrage over Ralph Northam is not based on a belief in the value and dignity of human life. If it was, they would be equally outraged over abortion-on-demand, which murders baby humans who share our human nature and value. As it turns out, the Democratic party thinks it is worse to have worn a racist costume 30 years ago than to promote infanticide and 3rd trimester abortions today.

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Seth Gruber

Seth travels and speaks in Protestant and Catholic high schools, churches, training seminars, and for pregnancy resource center banquets, engages in academic debate, and blogs and writes as a cultural and political commentator. Seth has been published by Christian Research Journal and writes regularly for Life Training Institute and his own blog.