UnAborted - A Pro-Life Podcast Bringing You News From the Front Lines of the Movement

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the abortion juggernaut? Do you find yourself at a loss for words when your friends, family members, and co-workers are discussing abortion? Do you wish you could engage the issue of abortion both graciously and persuasively? Then, check out my new podcast show, UNABORTED!

My goal is to examine the abortion wars from a cultural, philosophical, and theological perspective and provide both moral and spiritual clarity for my listeners. Think of this show as your one-stop shop to get information, training, encouragement, and a bit of humor so you can go back out and be a voice for the unborn children in our midst!

Currently a weekly show, I will be examining abortion-related events, news, and messages from politics, media, education, entertainment, and more!

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With three episodes currently produced and available, you can start listening or watching now and begin making yourself an invincible defender of UnAborted babies!

This is an important time for the pro-life movement. A rising tide of pro-life individuals are doing something about their convictions, but all convictions begin with understanding. The pro-life movement’s problem is not that our ideas and beliefs are heard and rejected by the American public. More often than not, our beliefs are not heard at all. Neither the mainstream media or Hollywood go out of their way to prove pro-life leaders a platform to share their beliefs and ideas.

This podcast is one of many important ways to expand the pro-life message, beliefs, and ideas to the American public in order to help our fellow citizens understand the truth of abortion, the reality of life in the womb, and the importance of ending the greatest human rights violation in human history.

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Seth Gruber

Seth travels and speaks in Protestant and Catholic high schools, churches, training seminars, and for pregnancy resource center banquets, engages in academic debate, and blogs and writes as a cultural and political commentator. Seth has been published by Christian Research Journal and writes regularly for Life Training Institute and his own blog.