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The Irony of the Left-Wing Narrative

The Irony of the Left-Wing Narrative

It is 1808. Secretary of State, James Madison, is running for the 4th President of the United States against federalist candidate, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Already a political heavyweight for his role in drafting and promoting the Constitution and Bill of Rights (earning him the name “Father of the Constitution”), James Madison is by far, the more seasoned and favored choice.

I mean, there was that whole part about Madison supporting and likely authoring the three-fifths compromise (reminder: the three-fifths compromise told African Americans that their vote only counted for three-fifths of what a white man’s vote was worth). But who cares, right? James Madison is responsible for the very fabric of our nation’s laws.

Oh, wait. Didn’t James Madison own about a hundred slaves? Slaves, which he didn’t even free in his will, upon his death. But it’s not all bad. He clearly has experience and cares about America’s citizens.

So, do you vote for him?