Seth speaks in churches, Protestant and Catholic high schools, conferences, university campuses, and for pregnancy resource center banquets. Seth presents a clear path forward for students, adults, and leaders to engage the issue of abortion. His training focuses on giving people the tools of thought they need to make a gracious and persuasive defense of their pro-life beliefs in the public square so that they can engage compassionately with those that disagree with them. Seth gently invites pro-choice individuals to examine evidence they have never seen or heard before.

“Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have victims. Nowhere is this more true than the issue of abortion." -Seth Gruber

The Great Commission firstly calls us to create disciples. Secondly, the Great Commission calls us to teach disciples to obey everything Jesus commanded. We know that everything Jesus commanded hang on two commandments: Love God and love your neighbor (Matthew 22:37-40). Therefore, we must equip disciples to love their unborn neighbors like Christ if we are to truly fulfill the great commission.

Seth regularly keynotes banquets for pregnancy resource centers around the country. Seth delivers a keynote address that will move donors from merely feeling bad about abortion to actually doing something about it. He will challenge them to love their unborn neighbors right there in their own communities through the work of your pregnancy center or right to life group. And we’ll connect with your people!

Seth joins Pastor John Randall of Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano to discuss current events, the history of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood, how Christians can be a gracious voice for the unborn, the responsibility of the Church to defend life, and the grace and forgiveness available in Jesus for those who have obtained an abortion.

When examined in the light of scripture and reason, the abortion issue can be simplified so anyone can offer a gracious and persuasive defense of their pro-life beliefs.

We all love stories. And those of us who believe that the precious unborn humans in our midst are deserving of the right to life have a great story to tell! Like all great stories, the story of the unborn is full of darkness. And yet, while there is light, there is hope.

This promotional video tells the story of the plight of the unborn, the high calling on Christians to speak out against evil and for the voiceless, and how Seth’s role as a public voice for the unborn is helping bring light to the darkness.